Be aware of hidden termite activiity in your Cairns Home.

In this recent video, Terry from Ulysses Pest Control describes a recent termite inspection job in Woree that was initiated when a house owner was vacuuming only to find that here vacuum pushed straight through her skirting board.

Upon inspection Terry discovered that termites had eaten away at all but the paint veneer of the skirting. He subsequently discovered during his pest inspection that the Woree home had fallen prey to termites via them accessing the subfloor under the house.

More regular termite inspections would have prevented this. Pest Control in Cairns is more important than what occurs in Southern areas. This is due to such things as the high impact and great damage that can be caused in short timeframes by the species of Termites found in Woreee and all over the Cairns region.

Pest Control duties are now being taken at the house to ensure the termites do not win! 3 to 6monthly regular pest inspections are recommended in a case like this.

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