Active Subterranean Termites Chemical Treated Zone Manunda

Setup a force field around your property with a termite chemical barrier or treated zones. Relying on liquid termiticides (termite chemicals), the treated zones stop subterranean termites from gaining access to your property. ‘Concealed access’ sounds exactly as it means – termites gaining access to your yard and home without you being able to detect them. A chemical treatment zone prevents this.

Termite chemical barriers – the benefits:

Avoid future repair costs by protecting your property before costly issue arise. Be proactive against subterranean termites for less stress, less cost, and less  future troubles!

Termite Chemical Soil Treatments – a zone is created around your entire structure via a treating the surrounding soil. This zone will kill all termites that try to enter. It’s possible to eliminate the entire termite colony if the appropriate termite chemical (termiticide) is used.

Termite Prevention Zone methods:

Treating gardens and soil can be handled by a trench of treated backfill. A trench is created at the base of your structures footings/stumps. The soil is treated and then backfilled.

Pavers would need to be lifted if it is deemed necessary to treat the soil under pavers.

There are 2 main options for treating soil under concrete and tiles: Drilling and Injecting; or Cutting and Recapping.

Drilling and Injecting involves drilling holes approx every 15 -20cm through your concrete or tiles. Termiticide is then injected into the holes and they are then sealed. Cutting and recapping is more effective as in that process the soil can be monitored more accurately during the process.

Cutting and Recapping means that the edge of your concrete on your structure’s perimeter is removed in order to setup a trench of treated backfill. Post-treatment, concrete or pavers can be applied (recapped) to the concrete.

The cutting and recapping method allows a greater protection against future termite activity.

Soil Replacement: Some soils are not suitable to take the chemicals, in which case the soil will be replaced prior to treatment.

Alterations to your Property

Termite chemical soil barriers may require moving cons, hot water tanks, and other items. Often this is just a temporary move to allow all necessary digging, drilling and concrete removal. Each property is unique and we will be sure to advise and gain permission before anything is altered.


Treated Zones need to be replenished over time. We endeavour to allow cost-effect replenishment in the methods we take when setting up your termite treatment zones.

Top image: Active subterranean Termites before a recent chemical zone installation at a Manunda, cairns property.

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