Termite nest found during Timber Pest Inspection

Located during a routine Timber pest control assignment in Freshwater, Cairns.

This termite is known as Schedorhinotermes. This particular type of termite has minor and major soldiers, the latter appear when the termite nest is well established.

What type of termites can be found in North Queensland

This particular form of termite nests in stumps and roots of trees (both living and dead trees). They also make their nests in buried timber found in yards, or under houses and patios. It is this type of behaviour that makes regular Pest Control inspections critical.

Schedorhinotermes actuosus termites can occur in northern Australia from Geraldton (Western Australia), through Alice Springs (Northern Territory) to Cairns in North Queensland.

Their workings can be particularly brittle compared to other termite activity and your timber can be fully excavated with the void mud-packed.

When do you need termite assistance from professionals:

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