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It may be as simple as tidying rarely used cupboards, but our pest inspections reveal a lot about cockroach activity in Cairns.

In Cairns, pest control varies depending on the species of cockroach.

Australian cockroaches are generally mulch dwellers, making their way indoors at night due to an attraction to lights. They’re often also transported into homes via boxes from outside. They are identifiable as large reddish brown with yellow margins round the thorax and yellow edges to front part of fore wings.

German cockroaches are 12mm – 16mm (around half the size of the Australian variety) and flock to wet and humid conditions. You will often find them in your kitchen or bathroom in your home or commercial property.

It’s no surprise that kitchen and bathroom cupboards can sometimes attract clutter. This creates the perfect dark hidden hiding place for the cockroach to hide. So it is always worth a regular cleanout of stored goods and unnecessary clutter in your cupboards.

The German species is common in Cairns and can breed as quickly as every 6 weeks. This is in contrast to the Australian variety that take 6-12months to reach adulthood. German cockroaches also breed in greater numbers.

The speed and volume that German cockroaches breed makes it important to have regular pest inspections.

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