Severe Timber Damage from White Ant (termites) found during Pest Inspection in Edmonton, Cairns

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Not sure just how valuable the home you are looking to buy is? Turn to the experts at Ulysses Pest Control – we offer timber pest inspection services intended to examine the structure of the house and determine its quality.

Ulysses Pest Control has more than 30 years of experience working in the building and pest control fields. Although we started small, we built our reputation by providing exceptionally friendly service that delivers amazing results. We offer quality pest control services and ensure our prices are affordable for anyone and everyone! Feel free to call us and ask about a timber pest control report.


What we do for you

Our timber pest inspection services are designed to examine your home structure in great detail to see whether it is free of any pests known to attack timber. Being in the business for so many years has taught us all their secret hiding places and it is our mission to pay close attention to these locations and treat them if necessary.

Quite often, timber pests cannot be detected with a bare eye – especially by a non-professional. This is why it is better to turn to experts who will take a closer look at the entire interior, roof, sub-floor spaces and similar areas, known as pest-friendly environments. And our job is not just to detect them – but to make them inhabitable for these nasty little creatures.

If the timber pest inspection report shows that your home is under attack, our team members will advise you immediately on the steps that you need to take in order to get rid of them. Depending on the severity of the issue, we may recommend replacing the old timber or conduction a chemical treatment. If you go for the latter option, know that we use industry-approved products and will inform you of any safety measures you need to adhere to.


At your service at all times

If the structure of your home is predominantly made of timber, then Ulysses Pest Control advises you to schedule a regular timber pest inspection. Over the years, we’ve seen a number of homes struggle with a recurring infestation, as well as in homes that have never had this issue before. With that in mind, we recommend a thorough timber pest inspection to ensure that even if pests appear, we target them before they spread.

If you are unsure whether you have issues with pests or would like us to inspect a home you are looking to buy, call Ulysses Pest Control to schedule a timber pest inspection. We offer a free quote and guarantee on some of our services because we are highly confident in the quality of our work. We promise a fast and efficient service that will give you the answers you need, along with a proper solution to a potential infestation problem.

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