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    Termite (White Ant) Inspection and Treatment

    Have peace of mind by hiring professionals for Termite Treatments. Subterranean Termites are nasty pests that can cause significant damage to the structure of your home! However, since they are a common issue in Australian homes, we decided to make our timber pest inspection services available to everyone. 

    Ulysses Pest Control is a team of professionals with years of training and experience dealing with different pests. We know what attracts them and where some of their most popular hiding places are. And best of all – we know how to get rid of them.

    Our termite inspection includes checking internal and external areas, as well as your roof and sub floors because termites use those areas to enter your property.

    What report will be provided with the Termite Inspection?

    Here at Ulysses Pest Control, we value honesty and transparency. We always keep our clients in the loop and explain in advance what kind of problem they are dealing with and which termite treatment method we believe will be the most efficient. That’s why we will first offer you a detailed termite control and inspection of the property to detect the severity of the problem.

    Terry, the Termite Man, and Adam will provide a comprehensive and detailed report to ensure you understand the termite inspection process and its results. After the termite inspection, pest control services commence, and your termite problem is no longer present. We are always at your disposal to deal with any concerns you may have and offer termite treatment to Cairns and its surrounding areas.

    What if termites are found?

    We provide a free quote to anyone who contacts us. This means that even if you are not sure whether you are dealing with termites, you can contact one of our experts, who will arrive to inspect your home or office. We offer termite inspections throughout North Queensland, so contact us today, no matter where you are located. If it turns out that you do have issues with termites, options will be detailed and discussed to suit your budget and expectations.

    We will advise you on cheaper vs. expensive options and provide all the knowledge needed to ensure you don’t incur larger ongoing expenses for your home or rental. You can also be sure that we will use only the safest and industry-approved products and equipment to maximise efficiency.  

    We will discuss the procedure and let you know when you can return to your home and daily routine.

    White ant treatment (Termites)

    Although the common name White Ant is often used, they are not members of the Ant species. They belong to the subterranean Termite species.

    White ants (or Termites) are infamous for creating millions of dollars of damage to Australian homes. The worst thing is – such damages are not covered by household insurance! At Ulysses Pest Control, we specialise in white ant treatment and offer preventive and remedial solutions. We urge you to contact us even if you suspect you have a white ants problem. Our team is happy to arrive and inspect your home and provide advice on the best prevention measures. 

    Should you notice any damage, please contact us ASAP. We utilise quality localised treatment or, if necessary, a chemically treated zone intended to deter white ants (termites). They are installed in soil and must be installed by licensed professionals like Terry and Adam. Then, you’ll know they are properly set up and guaranteed to deliver the expected results.

    Obligation-free consultation and quotes

    Ulysses Pest Control happily provides obligation-free quotes on how to treat and protect your property. Our goal is to deal with the issue to the best of our ability and thus ensure that termites don’t return to your residence anytime soon. 

    We are at your service daily from 6 AM to 6 PM – even on weekends! We are also ready to schedule our services after hours in case you are experiencing a termite emergency. Don’t hesitate to contact us and consult – we will be happy to answer any questions and agree on the best time to arrive and help you.

    Call Terry the Termite Man, on 0427 600 023 to book a pest inspection or Contact Us today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Common signs of a termite (white ant) infestation include: Mud tubes on walls or foundations Hollow wood or hollow-sounding wood Frass (termite droppings) which look like small pellets Blistering or darkening of wood structures Discarded wings near windowsills or doors

    • Australian Standards recommend that your home be inspected for termites at least once a year. Regular annual termite inspections help detect early signs of termite activity and infestation, allowing for timely termite treatment and prevention of significant damage. If your home has had a previous infestation or is in an area with high termite activity, more frequent inspections might be advisable.

    • Our termite inspection in Cairns includes a thorough examination of your property, focusing on potential entry points and common problem areas such as the surrounding yard and gardens, fences, structure foundations, crawl spaces, sub-floors, roof voids, wooden structures. We look for signs of subterranean termites and assess the extent of any damage.

    • A typical termite inspection in Cairns by Ulysses Pest Control takes about 1-2 hours. The duration can vary depending on the size of your property and the extent of any potential infestation. Our thorough inspection ensures that we cover all areas where termites might be present, providing you with a detailed report and peace of mind.

    • At Ulysses Pest Control, we use a variety of treatment methods, including:Localised liquid termiticide treatments to achieve colony control Baiting systems that attract and eliminate termites Foaming agents to treat hard-to-reach areas Liquid termiticides to create a barrier around your home

    • Yes, termite treatments provided by Ulysses Pest Control are safe for your family and pets when applied to manufacturers' specifications by our trained professionals. We use EPA-approved products and follow strict safety guidelines to minimise any risks. Our team ensures that all safety measures are in place, and we are happy to answer any specific concerns you may have about the treatments used.

    • After treatment, it's important to: Avoid disturbing treated areas Keep an eye out for any signs of new termite activity Schedule follow-up inspections as recommended by our technicians

    Pests. Gone.


      Brett Mackenzie

      Terry the owner has been involved with pest control his whole life.Great service and happy to come back if any problems.Terry looks after his customers.

      Publo Esky

      Terry was extremely thorough and knowledgeable while also being extremely compassionate towards the critters and creepy crawlys he was here to expunge. While his son Adam was not only easy on the eyes, what he may lack in experience he made up for ten fold in eagerness and professionalism. I highly recommend this friendly yet intrepid Family run business.

      Jana Gorski

      Terry was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Not only did he fit my job in same day, he sent me a text to confirm the job was complete (which was very convenient)AND fixed my gate on the way out! I will definitely be using him in the future.

      TriMotivate Performance Triathlon Coaching

      In the 15 years I lived in Cairns, Ulysses is by far the best service I have had. 1. Honest – I had them look at some termite damage in a fence after another pest control had quoted me a crazy amount of money to ‘treat’ the fence, to discover there was absolutely no activity by Ulysses and no need for a treatment. 😀 2. Professional – always on time and great customer service. 3. The treatment works! 10 months later the treatment is still working perfectly. 4. Not a big franchise. Family local business with a real care for what they do, and do it well.

      Laura Ninness

      Terry provided a thorough service, great communication, obviously knows his stuff and looks after his customers well. Have had him back twice for different treatments and havnt seen a pest since. Top service.


      So pleasant to work with! Terry was so understanding and flexible with getting our new house treated. Thanks guys I will be an ongoing customer 🙂


      Sensational work Terry! Thank you so much!

      Mark Duncan

      Terry was fantastic and extremely knowledgeable. He was professional and thorough and even asked me what else he could do to put my mind at ease. I also learnt a few things about the right bates to get, etc. All at a very reasonable price. Would recommend him to anyone.

      Dan Bywaters

      Terry arrived on time, quickly identified the ants and roaches that had been plaguing our house and applied an appropriate treatment. We noted excellent results from the pest treatment, within a matter of hours. Great service and reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

      Astrid Murray

      Great service, very professional and reliable. We called Ulysses Pest Control to help us clear some frustratingly hard to get rid of German cockroaches – yuck! Nothing seemed to work. I only wish we had called them sooner as it would have saved a lot of time, money and frustration! The results were pretty much immediate and we feel we have our home back. I highly recommend Ulysses!

      Hamish Allardice

      Terry provides a personable,friendly and professional service. He knows his trade well and is a pleasure to do business with. I personally recommend him and his business.

      Jamie Knight

      Always on time. Does a great job, very thorough. If you want to enjoy a bug free house Terry is your guy. Highly recommended.

      Nicole griffiths

      Amazing customer service. We called on a Saturday afternoon with a bee issue in our yard and he arrived in 10 minutes and sorted out the problem quickly! Highly recommend!!

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      Terry is great. Knows what he is doing and well priced.

      Stewart Kramer

      If you want the job done properly, at a fair price, then Terry is your man!

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      Excellent service, was able to come around that day to inspect and booked in the treatment the following week.

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      Great service, very friendly and saw results quickly.

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      Terry is wonderful, highly recommend this company.

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      Great job thank you 👍👍