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The below FAQ may also help answer some of your pesky pest problems!

What do I need to do prior to a treatment?

Having your premises in a tidy state will allow Terry better access to the required areas. Toys and clothing for example should be moved from the floor around treatment locations. For external work with ants or fleas and ticks it essential to have the slab edge clear with the lawn trimmed and tidy prior to inspection.

Should my kitchen cupboards be emptied?

This is not necessary. Terry may dust, bait or spray behind the bottom drawers, door backs, cracks, crevices and anywhere insects usually populate.

During treatment is it safe for me to stay onsite?

Yes. However Terry may request that you vacate certain areas during treatment.

Will my pets or children be harmed by any treatments?

No, but please ensure that treated areas are not touched until completely dry.

How long does it take for treatment to be fully effective?

It can take up to 10 -12 days to allow insects to come into contact with the treatment areas.

What is the warranty on the pest management treatment?

Ulysses offers a 3 – 12months warranty depending on treatment type*.

* No Warranty is available for German Cockroaches with further Treatment often required.
Please feel free to call and discuss your needs further on: 0427 600 023.

* Spider prevention can only be covered during the treatment of any current infestations.


Some tips to reduce further infestations

  • Potential nesting opportunities can be reduced by removing all garden rubbish and kitchen waste
  • To prevent future infestations, regular monitoring inside sheds and garages should be performed.

To book an inspection

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