The most common spiders in North Queensland

Cairns is home to a few different spider varieties.

How to deal with spiders in your home

Fortunately for our pest control duties the Funnel Web often found in Sydney has not made its way to Far North Queensland. Nonetheless, there certainly are spiders in Cairns and North Queensland that will make you sick and can be quite painful.

Occasionally Ulysses Pest Control receive callouts for Redback spider removals which have the potential to be lethal but rarely are. Another common spider found in Cairns and Far North Queensland is the Golden Orb spider. Home owners and Landlords will often find them in their side-yards. Notable for their massive sive (they can be as big as your hand) and their giant webs which span a couple of metres across.
Also known as the Golden Silk Orb-Weaver, their venom is potent but not lethal for humans. Like a black widow spider, but not as powerful – the Golden Orb’s venom has a neurotoxic effect and its causes pain, redness, and blisters for approximately 24 hours. Regardless of their nasty reputation, reports of bitings are rare.
A spider that has most access to people’s houses is the Daddy-long-legs. They create corner webs, and despite repeated dusting tend to return quite quickly.

When to consider professional pet control

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