Be careful around centipedes in your home.

A recent pest inspetion in Redlynch revealed this Centipede. it pays to be careful around centipedes as their bite is painful.

Local & Imported Species

Although not sporting 100 legs, the incorrectly named Centipede belongs to the myriapod family. It’s cousing the millipedes (spoiler alert: it doesn’t have 1,000 legs) also sits in this category which basical description is ‘having many pairs of legs’.

Known for their unpleasant bite and penchant for home invasions, it’s not uncommon for the centipede to get into your clothing, food, beds and sheets.

The centipedes across Australia are technically Portuguse millipedes. A local species of millipede is also common to Cairns. It is important to note the key differences of what Australians refer to as Millipede vs Centipede:


  • have a single pair of legs per segment of its body
  • often have toxin
  • reach up to 15cm long
  • have an unpleasant bite


  • have two pairs of legs per segment
  • commonly feed on vegetables and plants
  • can be found in homes, but do not breed inside

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