Timber can be a concern inside and outside your home

Termites can effortlessly work their way through cracks and crevices without you noticing. This can be avoided by scheduling yearly pest inspections with Ulysses Pest Control Cairns.

Protect your most valuable asset – your home!

Ulysses’ fully qualified and licensed inspectors will inspect your home and provide a comprehensive report with photographic evidence of termite infestation, fungal decay, or other conditions which can make your house vulnerable to infestation.

Recommendations for fixing pest problems

Ulysses will recommend the right treatments or methods to fix your pest problems. This cound include things like a chemical soil treatment around the perimeter and subfloor of your premises to prevent termite entry. These treatments are guaranteed.

Read more about Ulysses Pest Control’s guarantees and discounts here.

Pest Baiting and monitoring programs are also available

These stations can be checked regularly to check termite activity.


Image: Left – treated damage from termites (white ant) during a pest control inspection;  Right – termites (white ant) mud lead discovered during pest control inspection in Holloways Beach, Cairns

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